Indoor Recreation Facility - Community Support

  feedback request

In response to some good feedback on wording, the original statement on this community support request page has been updated to more clearly represent our original message.

Members of our community are being asked for feedback on a concept for a multi use facility.  While our area provides excellent facilities, many of them are difficult to rent, or not well-suited for certain field sports due to limited size, availability and safety concerns.  This feedback will become part of a business plan that is being developed for presentation at the November 7th Brazeau County Council meeting.

This concept originated from DVMB's need for a more consistently available and affordable indoor solution to help satisfy the growth and excitement shown over the past 7 years.  After review of our current programs, a need for some form of indoor facility began to take shape.

During this initial design, it was noted that many groups in our community have similar needs and scheduling/space opportunities, so the concept expanded to illustrate multi-use.

As our community group is volunteer, having the expertise on staff to do a feasibility study, or engineer a mutli-use facility alone is not realistic.  To satisfy Brazeau County Councils request for a business plan, DVMB utilized local contractors and experts in the industry to estimate our capital and operating costs, and volunteers to prepare the concept drawings and other presentation items.

This in-kind effort would have exceeded $15,000, and as a concept, may not have been as supported as it has been.

As we review the feedback that has been received, there are many groups and users in our community that see a value in this type of facility, and can see its unique benefits.  Sharing the concept and feasibility of this facility, along with community feedback, was and still is the primary goal of this effort.

If you have a story to tell how your family, community group or even organization works hard to get access to indoor space for your activities, please take the survey.

Thanks and we look forward to making this dream a reality.


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